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At Heltz driving school, we offer a one stop for all your driving needs. We offer a variety of services including:

Full driving courses
A full driving course includes:-

  • Practical lessons
  • Theory lessons
  • Provisional driving licence
  • Basic mechanical lessons
  • Test booking
  • Assessments tests before undertaking the actual government test.

Special Package rates for classes:

  • Class B : Kshs. 11,300
  • Class C1   : Kshs. 11,300
  • Class D1  : Kshs. 5,300

Instructors trainingThis is a special course for training instructors after which they obtain instructor licence. This is offered at Heltz Instructor’s Academy ( Heltz Driving School sister company where they are trained how to be an instructor in both theory and practical lessons.Requirements:

  • More than 4 years of holding a domestic driving licence
  • Hold class BCE licence


Please inquire.

Special Services

International driving licences

The international Driving Permit is an official translation of your domestic driver’s license and is proof that you hold a valid driver’s license in your own country. Heltz driving School obtains this for clients at minimal commission.

Renewal of driving licences

Due to the time involved in renewing of driving licence, some people find themselves at a last minute rush effort to do this. Hence Heltz tries to remove the burden off our clients shoulders by providing the service at a minimal cost.

Exchange of driving licence (Duplicate driving licence)

When a driving licence is worn out or lost, Heltz can obtain a new one for clients valid with the original Driving licence dates at minimal fee. The requirements are 2 passport photos, old driving licence or a copy, and identification document.

Pick- Drop services

This is available to students on request due to inconveniences caused by traffic jams and late working hours which may cause them to be late for their lessons. The service is free if its within the location of a branch offering it and is charged if it is more than a kilometre distance.

Anti car jacking training

Students are taught driving habits that control car jacking like not stopping unnecessarily, not to carry strangers and many others.

Vehicle ambush training for security officers

In the case of drivers who have to transport suspect to and from law courts, this training helps them learn how to react incase the vehicle is ambushed by a gang on the way inorder to let the suspects escape.

Defensive Driving

defensive trainingThis is training for competent drivers, designed to ensure that drivers drive safely, conserve time and money, act reasonably and care for the vehicle at all times in spite of the conditions around them and the action of others. For example

  • Identify their duties and responsibility as drivers
  • Enumelate causes of accidents and how to reduce them.
  • Apply the regulations of highway code in their driving habits
  • Appreciate the importance of road courtesy in prevention of road accidents and enhance stress-free driving.
  • PSV
  • Transfer of driving licences
  • Female instructors on request at no extra charge
  • Modern teaching techniques. (video lessons coming soon)
  • Basic mechanical services
  • First aid on roads
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